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StratEdge not only does Amazing work, they genuinely care about the results of my business. It's literlally like having a business partner that you only pay a small percentage of the money their efforts generate. I've worked with people in the past that make promises, but never have I worked with someone that puts in writing that if I don't get the results we agree on within the time frame agreed upon I simply get a refund! What did I have to lose was my mindset, and fortunately my entire business improved in every area, gave me more time to focus on my passion and work about 40 hours less per month. Thank you, guys! Referrals coming your way!

Shawn Crandle


I was struggling with inbound leads, I was trying to manage every aspect of my business including the ones I knew little about. I knew what I needed, I've had bad experiences with other companies making promises about sEO, PPC, and Socail Media Management. Stratedge Advisors are the definition of "trusted Advisors" and I will continue using them. You pay for results, not for empty promises!

Andrea Stolze

Owner HVAC Company

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